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Reach your personal best at our five-star gun range.  Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds is open to the public and your gateway to fun.  We offer Sporting Clays, Rifle and Pistol Shooting, Long Range Rifle Shooting, Private Lessons, Corporate and Private Events. Schedule Your Event

Fossil Pointe Updates

sporting clays courses will be closed to NSCA COMPETITORS On Friday March 2nd in Preparation Of  the Shoot For Green on March 3rd. 



Visit Our Convenient Location

Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds is conveniently located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are the only public long distance shooting range in a two hour radius. Come see us and and find out what you’ve been missing!

Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds

7282 N FM 51
Decatur, TX 76234


7282 N FM 51
Decatur, TX 76234


Wednesday – Sunday
9:00AM – 6:00PM

A Range For Any Firearm

If you have a firearm, you can shoot it at Fossil Pointe.  We provide a safe and relaxed environment for you to practice and learn. Whether you’re plinking on the Pistol Range, sighting in on the Rifle Range or stretching it out on the 800 yard Long Range, we have you covered.

Clays Courses, Trap and Skeet

Fossil Pointe offers two 12-station sporting clay courses, a 50-target Masters course, as well as two trap and skeet fields.  Our Sporting Clays is nationally recognized and the best in Texas.

High Quality Pro Shop

At Fossil Pointe we believe in quality over quantity.  We want you to buy the firearm or accessory that YOU want.  If you need help deciding, we can teach you about the products we believe in at a price you can afford.

Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Parties, Weddings and More

Fossil Pointe is the perfect venue for your perfect event.  Fundraisers, parties, team building, weddings and more are often held at Fossil Pointe throughout the year.  Contact us to book your event today.

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